Playing the Lottery Online

There are a variety of games that you can play in your state’s lottery. For example, the Wisconsin Lottery features both state-based games and multi-state draw games. The money that is generated from the sale of tickets goes to help the people of Wisconsin as well as local businesses. In Wyoming, the state lottery introduced WyoLotto in 2013. This lottery offers three different multi-state games. A portion of the winnings from this lottery go to the state’s school fund. Every state has its own lottery system. The table below outlines the different types of games you can play in each state.

The first lottery-style games are believed to have been invented in Ancient China. During the 18th century, newspaper advertisements suggest that hundreds of lotteries were operating throughout the country. In the early 20th century, Puerto Rico introduced its own lottery and New Hampshire became the first US state to offer the game. Since then, the lottery has become a widely-played way to win prizes.

Online lottery games are also popular. In January 2016, Michigan began selling lottery tickets online. It offers the Mega Millions and other popular draw games through its website. In just over 18 months, online lottery sales in the state of Michigan exceeded $8 million per week. Moreover, the retail lottery in Michigan continues to set sales records despite the popularity of online lottery games.